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"We needed to renovate two bathrooms that were quite dated, and change the pitch of our flat roof because of leaks that had been developing. We contacted four different companies for bids on this project. BAUMSON BUILDERS was not only the most professional in all our dealings but they provided us with the most detailed and complete bid."


"Their prices are always competitive and they are very honest and easy to do business with. Their quality of workmanship is excellent. When they worked in my home and condos, they never leave a mess and clean up very well. They always make their commitments."


"Many of my clients have said to me, after engaging other builders, 'We wish that we would have used Baumson Builders.' His work is first rate, his people are respectful of the home owner and his prices are competitive."


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Baumson Builders provides a full-featured service that provides both interior and exterior building, remodeling, upgrading, and expansion. Baumson manages all contractors required for the job and ensures the quality of work throughout the process. Any size job is just the right size.

Do you have a porch on your home that is only useful one season of the year, and only if the weather is just right? Then you might consider upgrading that area to facilitate a useful family-friendly gathering place three seasons of the year. Perhaps with some enclosure with windows and screens, with some lighting and insulation, you will be able to spend much more of your year closer to your yard.

Perhaps your home doesn't have any porch right now, but it is one of those things you've longed for since you were a child. Adding a three-season porch to your home might be more feasible than you anticipated.


Why not check with Baumson Builders to see what the possibilities are for your place. An affordable three-season porch could be a part of your future, and the equity enhancement to your home's value could be significant!